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Technical Support

Cost saving is only one of the purposes why our global customers would like to purchase from China. Most of our customers are buying ingredients according to their formulation. Knowing the formulated ingredients based on the variant applications, and providing a comprehensive ingredients solution is the gateway to help our customers shape their business and win in the market.


The recruitment prerequisite of a product manager at Fingres is the technique background and has the know-how of the ingredients and formulation. At Fingres, we do not only supply single ingredient, but also provide you a technical formulation solution.


Knowing-how of the Ingredient

You may meet the problem when you are formulating a new ingredient into your current formulation to save cost or launch a new function. The problem perhaps is from particle size, viscosity, solubility, or stability. Our technology support team can help you analyze the problem and do the best to find a way solve it.


Ingredients Solution Based on the Formulation

It is very typical if one customer buys 20 or more ingredients in one shipment. Our customers know they can rely on Fingres by our current products portfolio and our China sourcing service. It saves a lot of time and money when our customers give us the ingredients list according to their formulation. We will consolidate and ship all ingredients together to the customer at high quality and competitive price.


Formulation for Variant Function

At Fingres, our focuses are premium ingredients, functional ingredient and high-value-added ingredients. Know-how of the function of each ingredient is the gateway to train our customers how to use it. For instance, we provide the sweeteners blending formulation based on different high intense sweeteners to help our customers save the cost to get more competition from the market.


Customized Blending

We also have the experience and resources to customize unique blends based on your formulation. Here are a few examples of the types of products we formulate for our customers, Sweeteners blend, Amino acids blend, vitamins blend. Protein blend. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your specific demands.


Fingres is a technical solution driven company with the aim to provide high quality and premium ingredients to the global food, supplement and pharmaceutical industries.