Service & Quality
China Sourcing

With the globalization and integration purchasing, all of the organizations are seeking cost saving opportunities in the global market. When you would like to purchase food and pharmaceutical ingredients, besides the cost saving, the quality is the top priority. However, if you would like to purchase from China, how you guarantee the financial safety and ingredient's quality? 


We make it different. Our professional team and local position enable us to perform an occasional or routine visit to our factories by a flight, either a train or car ride. The visit enables us actually to know first-hand how is the factory, their quality management ability, production ability, the people at the factory, what is happening with raw materials and how our products are manufactured.


Our China Sourcing includes:

Supplier verification or auditing

Price negotiation and contract negotiation

Supplier relationship management

Language and communication

Shipping and logistics

Legal and government matters


This is the key value that we can offer to our global customers.


Close Relationship

China has been changed in the last 30 years to be global, but when you visit to Chinese suppliers, you will note that many factories in China still operate under the traditional Chinese business style. This can cause cultural and language barriers for many European and North American distributors, but not us. Knowing-how Chinese culture and the industrial experience enables us to have a very close personal, and long-standing relationships with most of our factories.


Factory Audits and Tours

The convenient transportation of our location, 4 airports and 3 main train stations around, enables us easily to perform routine audits or occasional audits or new factory qualification to the factories, either by flight or by high speed train even a car ride. Sometimes our customers would like to come to China to visit or audit or verify the factories, we will assist our customer schedule the factory tour and accompany our customers during the scheduled factory tour.


Our Fingres Insight – the Market Report  

Benefit from our comprehensive product portfolio and the close relationships with our factories, we have the latest information of the market trend the supply situation especially some ingredients fluctuant sharply due to the Chinese pollution control. Periodically, we distribute our Fingres Insight market report to our customers, which helps them make better purchasing plan to save more in raw material costs.


Consolidation Shipment

Many of our customers are buying variant ingredients from China at small quantity. It is not easy to ship the small volume by LCL (less than full container) shipment due to the quantity, higher LCL service charge, higher cost and logistics difficulties among variant suppliers. Our China sourcing makes it easy. Most of our customers are very happy to see there is a reliable Chinese partner assist them consolidate variant ingredients into a full container shipment. This is safer for the shipment and easier to manage.


Fingres is your local eye and arm for your China sourcing. Our professionalism makes your purchasing local and easy.