Service & Quality
Quality Guarantee

At Fingres, nothing is more serious than quality - we believe Fingres is born for quality. Our mission is to provide high quality premium ingredients and high standard service to the global food, supplement and pharmaceutical industries where quality is the key to be succeed. Driving by this mission, we invested in our research and development and quality assurance without any compromise. 


Specification Evaluation 

For each product data sheet, our Product Manager will evaluate the specification provided by the factory to be sure the specification compliant the global standards, GB, China Pharmacopoeia, Food Chemical Codex (FCC), United States Pharmacopoeia, European Pharmacopoeia, British Pharmacopoeia or Japan Pharmacopoeia. During our audit to the factory, we check the laboratory and the original records for the quality control which is essential part of our onsite audit. However, before we issue the Product Data Sheet or accept the Specification from the factory, we double check and confirm with the factory if they can perform the in-house testing for the parameters listed on their specification just in case some conditions changed in the factory before our next onsite audit. We are committed to ensure the Product Data Sheet, either issued by Fingres or issued from the factory, is accurate, precise and adequate. 


In-house Testing 
Before the ingredients released for shipment, our factories perform the in-house testing to ensure the parameters listed in the Certificate of Analisys compliant to the specifications. Depending on different factory and ingredient, we may check the original records to ensure the COA is accurate. 


We also have our own laboratory to perform the key parameters test. Mr Eric Wang is the VP of Quality in Runloy Biotech (Shanghai) Co Ltd which is our joint-ventured factory in Jiading District of Shanghai. He is one of the experts in the area of Quality Assurance and Quality Control. The laboratory is equipped with HPLC, GC, UV, and other basic facilities for the physical tests. The factory is also equipped with Metal Detector to guarantee the food safety.




Third Party Testing

Besides the in-house testing, we also have partner labs in China, the US, and Europe, such as SGS, Eurofins and TUV, to perform a third-party test upon the request from our customers. We can also accommodate request to test at the customers’ preferred labs. The third-party testing is also available for the pre-shipment quality confirmation.


Onsite Auditing

In some degree, at Fingres, we believe our quality is tight with our partner factories. Driving by this philosophy, we only work with the qualified factories and this is why we perform onsite audits of our factories we represent minimum once a year. The convenient transportation of our location, 4 airports and 3 main train stations around, enables us easily to perform routine audits or occasional audits or new factory qualification to the factories, either by flight or by high speed train.


Our General Manager Mr Amos GENG has 12 years industrial experience and our Chief Auditor Ms Maggie FU, graduated at bachelor degree of Sanitary Inspection in 1990, has 25 years Quality Management experience. They know there are variant levels factories providing variant level quality in China. This is why we believe Fingres was born for quality. We qualify the factories based on HACCP and GMP variant with different ingredient and customers’ request. We can also perform the factory onsite auditing based on ISO9001, HACCP, ISO22000, FSSC22000, BRC, and GMP.


We are committed to supply the high quality ingredients to our global customers and help our customers shape their business.