Environmental protection
Due to overconsumption, growing population, and technology, the biophysical environment is being degraded, sometimes permanently. This is happening not only in China but also the whole world. In the last decades, China's rapid economic expansion combined with the country's relaxed environmental oversight has caused a number of ecological problems. Due to China's fast economic growth and population growth, China is facing 5 major problems: air pollution, earth pollution, water pollution, shortage of water resources and waste of water resources. 
As a China based company, we recognize the environment problems we are facing and have the strong determination to fight pollution. We conduct our Environmental Protection Policy as an individual and as a company. 
1. Meet or exceed all environmental requirements in our business
2. Maintain an awareness of potential environmental influence and strive to continually reduce the environmental impacts of our operations, products, and services
3. Be a responsible steward of resources. Paper less, recycling, waste less, water less, energy less, materials less, those are our conduction code for our business operation and daily working.
4. From the supply chain, we choose the suppliers who is certified by ISO14001 firstly and ask our suppliers perform same as our conduction code.