Employee Care

Fingres is built by the people. We believe and know employees are the company's most critical resource. In order to ensure their well-being, since the foundation of the company, we have been continuing to build a comfortable and safe working environment and to enhance health and educational benefits for all the people at Fingres.


Recruitment and Labor Rights 
Our recruitment policy is based on the nondiscrimination of race, gender, nationality, religion, political affiliation or age. We do not employ any child labor. Employees' rights are protected under Chinese labor laws such as the Social Insurance (Five social insurance and one housing fund), Paid Annual Leave, Marital Leave, Maternity Leave. 


Compensation and Payment 
Our comprehensive compensation includes base salary, allowances, bonuses and profit sharing, for each position. We are committed to offering competitive and fair compensation which we review regularly on the basis of comparative market surveys. We also committed to pay all the compensation timely to keep a good living quality of our people. 


Friendly Workplace
In our office, we have refrigerator, coffee machine, hot water cooking machine, small rest space, easy-rest chair, to enable our people to have a comfortable workplace. Most of our employee has the portable laptop branded as Thinkpad X200 series with 12.5’ size. And each office desk is installed a 22’ monitor for the daily working to protect the employee’s vision. 


Birthday Care 
Our people at Fingres enjoy the birthday care – it is a basic welfare listed in our Employee Handbook. On the birthday, we have a small celebration party to share the tailored made birthday cake with all people at Fingres and the birthday employee enjoys a birthday Red Packet. 


Happy Hour 
We have regular Happy Hour party to share our celebration, new employee welcome, important event, employee birthday, marriage or birth, even the happiness shared from the family of the employee. 


We believe the good business is born from our team work. We are committed to take people as our company's foundation and act in accordance with what we are believing.